Prices and rebates

Prices 2017

Course Fee €3.500,00
Passenger (pls. see Participation and training) € 450,00
Double-Starter (pls. see Participation and training) € 550,00
DMSB Nat. A license € 550,00
The entry fee amounts to EUR 800,- and will be deducted from the course fee.  

Rebates 2017

Early Booking Rebate €150,00
This rebate is due when registration and payment of the whole course fee for one course is done up to 31.01.2017.  
Double Booking Rebate €300,00
The Double Booking Rebate is due if a participant visits both courses in 2017 - a small thank you to our customers who take part twice a year. In case both courses will be invoiced at the same time, the double booking rebate will be deducted immediately. However, in case that both courses will be invoiced separately, the double booking rebate will be taken into account in the final invoice of the second course. In case the registration and payment is made before 31.01.2017, the Early Booking Rebate will be applied in addition.  
Bonus for a new first time participant €200,00
In case that a first time participant will note down on his registration form that he has been recruited by either a member of the staff or by a multiple participant, the named mediator will receive a bonus payment in the form of a credit note. This credit note will only be issued after the course fee has been paid by the newcomer.  
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