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The joy of driving... with perfection at the steering wheel is the main goal of our drivers'courses, which we organize every spring and autumn at the Nürburgring.
The safety training, driven at a realistically and traffic-adequate speed, is designed to match everyday traffic, critical situations and moments of danger .

Being equipped with the very high safety standards that are required for race circuits as well as 42 marshals positioned around the track, the Nürburgring provides an optimum of safety for our participants.

For daily training the Scuderia Hanseat does have the sole exclusiveness to use the legendary Nordschleife (also reverently known as "green hell") and the ultramodern Grand-Prix-Track for continuous non-stop driving. In addition you can practice your driving skills during lunch breaks and in the early evening on the Nürburgring and can enjoy its attractive bends, slopes and gradients without any traffic congestion .

We also welcome participants with classic cars (oldtimer and youngtimer) who will be included in a group most suitable for them.

It is the pleasure derived from cars plus the social life in a multinational circle of participants which are at the center of interest. Two thirds of our participants have been with us before and enjoy coming back again and again. Therefore, this course is the one course especially for everybody who enjoys safe driving, and who wants to know his car and its limits! We invite you and your friends to join the "High School of Driving".

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Welcome to Scuderia Hanseat

We wish you lots of fun while visiting our homepage and are looking forward to your registration for our course.
Be welcomed at the Nürburgring, whether as a first time participant or as a repeater.