Participation and training

Invited are all holders of a driving license approved in Germany. Participation in the course is either possible with your own car, with a car provided to you or a rented car. It has to be confirmed to us that the owner of the car has given his approval for participation. All car models are welcome. For cars without a solid roof top a functional roll bar is compulsory; these cars may only be driven on the track with a closed roof and closed side windows.

A co-pilot (minimum age 14 years) may either take part in the course:

  • As "passenger" who is not authorized to drive the vehicle. Participation in the final examination is excluded.
  • As "double starter" who, being in possession of a driving license being valid in Germany, may also drive the car and take turns with the driver. In addition, he is entitled to take part in the final test with starting and assessment in the "Vorstartergruppe" (pre-starters).

We like to see both, ladies and gentlemen, at the starting grid. What to bring? A certain amount of driving experience, a safe car - whether Polo or Ferrari - and above all a good mood. It is an obligation for participants to wear helmets during all driving times.

Participants will be divided into 10 groups and the GP track and the Nordschleife into 10 sections. Each group is supervised by a coach. In these sections you will be instructed by 1-4 instructors depending on the length of the section. It is the aim of the course to improve your driving technique and your driving style so that you will experience a significant increase in safety in every day's traffic. Your passages in these sections are monitored by our instructors and coaches, you will receive from them a direct feedback, resp. an appropriate review.

Finishing Test

Our course ends with one round GP track and the Nordschleife. During this finishing test chances for all participants are equal as at 21 locations of the Ring we assess with points from 1 to 10 the driving style only. Speed is of no importance.

Prizewinners of Finishing Test are:

The best 3 Sports Drivers as well as the best  3 Routiniers per group will receive a trophy There are three overall classements , the 10 best Sports Drivers and the best 10 Routiniers will receive a trophy, the 6 best drivers of the Winners -Group will receive a trophy. The overall winner, across all classements, will receive the Scuderia Hanseat-trophy as well as the victory pin.

Women's category: The best driver of the category Sports Driver and the best driver of the category Routiniers will receive a trophy.

All participants who have completed the final exam successfully will receive a Scuderia honor cup.

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Welcome to Scuderia Hanseat

We wish you lots of fun while visiting our homepage and are looking forward to your registration for our course.
Be welcomed at the Nürburgring, whether as a first time participant or as a repeater.