The Myth Nürburgring – 20,8 km of “Green Hell”

Only the one who has driven the “Green Hell” by himself will be able to understand the spell of it. The mountainous course of the legendary “Nordschleife” is still the greatest challenge for drivers and cars.

Situated in the charming Eifel, the “Nordschleife” winds itself around the ancient castle of Nürburg (over 800 years of age) and awaits you with its 73 bends, its slopes and gradients in very beautiful surroundings and in a most attractive nature.


The Grand-Prix-Track

The Grand-Prix-Track (5.148 km) including the Mercedes-Arena is one of most attractive and safest Formula 1 race circuits of the world.

Both tracks surely guarantee greatest driving fun with highest safety.

The "Fahrsicherheitszentrum"

Here our first time participants start their training!

The “auto motor sport driving centre” provides Europe's most modern safety training. The technical driving skills are practiced on a flooded gliding surface so that a measurable wear of tires and brakes can be avoided. Computer-steered, suddenly appearing water impediments, the “hydraulics board” and the aquaplaning pool will surprise you with unexpected situations. At the driving safety centre, you will learn easily and without danger how to manage critical situations by the correct countermeasures.

Fahrsicherheitszentrum 2
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