Concept and Participation

The joy of driving is the goal of our drivers' courses, which we organize every spring and autumn at the Nürburgring.

The safety training, driven at a realistically speed, is designed for ambitious drivers and helps to master critical situations in every day’s traffic.  

The high safety standard of the Nurburgring, being prescribed for racetracks, as well as the 33 track marshals ensure an optimum of safety for our participants. In addition, all participants are obliged to wear a protective helmet suitable for this purpose

For daily training the Scuderia Hanseat does have the sole exclusiveness to use the legendary Nordschleife (also known as "Green Hell") and the ultramodern Grand-Prix-Track for continuous non-stop driving.

Participants will be divided into 10 groups. Likewise the GP track and the Nordschleife are divided into 10 sections. Each group is supervised by at least one coach. In these sections you will be instructed by 1-4 instructors depending on the length of the section. During lunch breaks and in the evenings, you can also enjoy your individual driving pleasure on the Ring with its many attractive curves, slopes and downhills without any kind of traffic jams.

Our course ends with a final test. Here one complete round of the Grand-Prix-Track and the Nordschleife are to be driven. During this finishing test chances for all participants are equal as at 21 locations of the Ring we assess the safe and clean driving style with points from 1 to 10 rather than the achievement of top speeds.

It is the aim of the course to improve your driving technique and your driving style so that you will experience a significant increase in safety in every day's traffic. Your passages in these sections are monitored by our instructors and coaches. You will receive from them a direct feedback in the form of constructive criticism and driving tips.

Young- and Oldtimers are also welcome! We will integrate them into a group most suitable.

The focus is on the pleasure derived from cars plus the social life in a multinational circle of participants. Two-thirds of the participants in our courses are enthusiastic repeaters! Therefore, this course is for anyone who likes to drive safely! Because it is good to know where your own limits and those of the car are! We invite you and your friends to join our "High School of Driving".

Approved Licence Course

Even participants with ambitions to race may obtain a lot of know-how from our pros during the sports driver training courses and can significantly cut short the way to the required license. Please see details under category: License courses.

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