Terms of participation

Requirements for participation are:

  • At the time of the course, the participant has to be in the possession of a registered driving license being valid in Germany (unless registered as a "passenger").
  • The participant's car has to be licensed for use on public roads.
  • The car used by the participant has to be insured for liability.
  • For cars without standard license plates (Euro license plates), a (short-term) owner liability insurance must be taken out and presented at the Scuderia Office before the start of the event.
  • Cars exceeding the legal sound limit (maximum sound pressure level of 98 dB (A) = EU standard) are not allowed, i.e. will be excluded from further participation.
  • Tires of the participating cars have to be licensed for use on public road. Pure slicks and rain racing tires are not allowed.
  • For cars without a solid roof, a functioning roll bar is required. These vehicles may only be driven on the racetrack with the roof and the side windows closed.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


The Scuderia Hanseat takes out an organizer liability insurance appropriate for the course. German motor vehicle liability and comprehensive insurances remain valid according to the current state of our inquiries. This due to the fact that it is not the aim neither during training nor at the finishing test to assess fastest times or to reach maximum speed. However, the Scuderia Hanseat cannot assume any liability for this statement as there are too many different insurance contracts. Details about our experiences with various insurers can be obtained without obligation from the Scuderia Hanseat office.

The focus is on mastering the car with maximum safety and the assessment of the driving style.

Nevertheless, a number of insurers repeatedly reject cover. It is advisable to clarify the situation in advance with your respective insurer.

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