The first sports drivers' courses in Europe were created by the Scuderia Hanseat already in 1958. At that time we were a small circle of friends of successful race and rally drivers and we wanted to pass on our experience to sports drivers. The term "sports drivers" at that time stood for fairness and tolerance during sportive events and for exemplary behaviour in road traffic. More and more like-minded friends joined us and we were able to continue our philosophy successfully. (An article from the German magazine “Motor Klassik” featuring our 30th anniversary in 1988 is available as PDF document(281 kB).)

Today the Scuderia Hanseat is well-known as leading provider for sports drivers courses. Our concept has been copied in many cases and also been adopted by various manufacturers of automobiles for their events. Our courses are qualitatively highly regarded in the German Motorsport scene and are recognized by the DMSB (Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e.V.) so that German participants are able to reach the National Drivers Licence "A" during our courses.

Since 1958 we are effecting our training on the Nürburgring. The legendary "Nordschleife" and the fabulous Grand-Prix-Track today offer the maximum standard of safety to our participants as well as greatest joy of driving with its gradients and countless bends.

Participants take part with their own cars.