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Prices / Rebates 2014

Dear Friends of the Scuderia Hanseat,

In March this year I took over the management of the Scuderia Hanseat. Together with the staff in Hamburg as well as with the coaches and instructors, we have since worked hard in order to ensure that the Scuderia Hanseat courses will become more attractive and varied. It is our intention to continue this way consequently.

As CEO, I am also responsible for ensuring that the Scuderia Hanseat remains a financially sound company . This is not easily done as under the prevailing conditions at the Ring, in particular as we have to live with predetermined prices which have been increased massively year after year.

The shareholders, the staff members as well as I myself, we all are of the opinion that we have to continue to optimize our services instead of reducing them. This, however, will entail an adjustment of our prices - which were newly established last in March 2012 - and of rebates established during the past year.

In comparison with the prices of our competitors with regard to actual course and driving times it can be seen, that our new fixed prices are still relatively good value. Also with regard to the whole package we do not have to fear the comparison with our competitors.

During Scuderia Hanseat course time the GP-Track as well as the Nordschleife can be driven as follows:

Monday          from 08:00 - 19:30 h
Tuesday          from 08:00 - 19:30 h
Wednesday    from 09:00 - 13:15 h    plus final examination

Please also note 2014 rebates on the supplementary sheet. They are now cumulative. Using them consequently, up to EUR 400,- course costs can be saved!

Price increases always hurt, especially when exceeding a virtual mark - I am aware of that. On the other hand, I am convinced that our 2014 offer will justify this price adjustment.

For your understanding and trust I thank you very much in advance and look forward to seeing you again at the Ring.

Until then,with my kindest regards.


Fritz Borer

New Prices as of 2014

Course Fee€ 3.150,00 € 2.850,00 
Passenger€ 450,00 € 480,00 
Double-Starter€ 550,00 € 1.100,00 
DMSB Nat. A-Lizenz€ 350,00 € 200,00 


The entry fee remains at EUR 800,-and is set off against the course fee in the final invoice.

New Rebates for 2014

Early Booking Rebate 1:    EUR 100,-
is due for registration and payment of entry fee until 31.01.2014. This rebate is applied in the final bill, it cannot be deducted from the entry-fee.

Early Booking Rebate 2:    EUR 200,-
is due for registration and payment of the full course fee until 31.01.2014.

It is intended as a reward for participants who help us to keep our administrative costs as low as possible by paying the full sum in advance.

Only one of the above variants of the Early Booking Rebate will apply!

Double Booking Rebate:    EUR 200,-
is due for participation in both courses 2014. This rebate will be applied in the final invoice for the second course. This is considered as a small thank you and appreciation to our customers who come to join our courses twice a year.

All participants who attend both courses will receive the Double Booking Rebate. In case registration is done before 31.01.2014 also the Early Booking Rebate applies.

Bonus for new first time participants:
The person, either staff member or multiple participant reports details of newcomer to the Scuderia Hanseat Office.

This bonus is due when the course fee has been paid by the newcomer.


Hamburg, December 2013

Welcome to Scuderia Hanseat

We wish you lots of fun while visiting our homepage and are looking forward to your registration for our course.
Be welcomed at the Nürburgring, whether as a first time participant or as a repeater.