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Changes in shareholder structure have no influence on business operations at Nürburgring

Dear friends of the Scuderia Hanseat, dear friends of the Nürburgring,

Currently again many rumors are circulating around the Nürburgring, in particular to the acquisition by the consortium around the company Capricorn. I do not want to participate in these speculations, I stick to what I get from our partners at the Ring as secure information. Please see also the press release attached.

On October 8, I had a long, frank conversation with Mr. Carsten Schumacher, CEO of the now operating "Nürburgring Betriebs-Gesellschaft mbH" who likewise also is the Managing Director of the "Capricorn NÜRBURGRING GmbH" starting on 1.1.2015". Mr. Schumacher has assured me that the operation at the Nürburgring is secured with him as CEO - in whatever form. We will meet again on November 11 in order to fix the ongoing contract for the Scuderia Hanseat. I am convinced that we will find an acceptable solution for both parties for the future.

I very much hope that I will also get the dates for our courses on 11 November for our courses in 2015. As soon as these have been fixed, I will let you know accordingly.


With autumnal greetings from Hamburg.

Fritz Borer
CEO Scuderia Hanseat


download pressrelease (PDF / 122KB)

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