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Prices and Rebates 2016

Dear Friends of the Scuderia Hanseat,

Despite tough negotiations we were only able to keep price increases within limits - but not to prevent them.

Thus we are unable to keep our prices, being valid since 2014, any longer and unfortunately have to increase them slightly. At the same time we have also revised our rebate system which, as you will see, will have a slight negative effect for some of our participants but on the other hand, also have a slight positive effect for other participants. Please refer to the new prices and rebates from the enclosed PDF or see the special column on our website.

At this point it is important to note that the Scuderia Hanseat did not increase prices since 2014. We know that our course price is calculated very customer friendly and are also convinced that the price / performance ratio of our course shall fear no comparison with fellow competitors.

At the same time we would like to inform you that participation in the Tourist Rides will no longer be a part of our course offer in 2016. The reasons for that we have already explained in our Newsletter dd. November 20, 2015.

Still, for all participants who do not want to miss this adventure, we are now able to supply reduced tickets for Tourist Rides. We, however, have to state expressively that we will not overtake any responsibility any more for the participation of our customers in the Tourist Rides; neither for the allocation of appointments / changes of dates for the Tourist Rides nor for closed roads or waiting periods - and certainly not for any incidents occurring during Tourists Rides. We merely provide the reduced tickets for the Tourist Rides.

As mentioned in a previous Newsletter we are striving to improve our courses continuously. We are working hard and are convinced that we will achieve this goal together with our partners.

So treat yourself to a very special Christmas present and have an incomparable pleasure of participating in one or even in both courses of the Scuderia Hanseat in the coming year.

We are gladly looking forward to see you again at the Ring.

Kindest Regards,
Scuderia Hanseat
Fritz Borer

Prices and Rebates 2016 (PDF 85 KB)

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