Scuderia Team

The competence of our experienced instructors and coaches is based on lots of successes in motorsport events as well as by the professional handling of fast cars. They will take care of you and your car with greatest skills during the course.  

Staff members in our office, the VIP-Lounge as well as the 42 Nürburgring track marshals plus our own safety team will also be looking after you with greatest care.

Patrick Simon: Chefinstruktor
Patrick Simon


Marc Basseng
Dominik Baumann
Stefan Beyer
Giselher Bertram
Rahel Frey
Philip Geipel
Claudia Hürtgen
Christer Jöns
Daniel Keilwitz
Alex Kolb
Yannick Mettler
Manuel Metzger
Jörg Müller
Lars Mysliwietz
Markus Oestreich
Dr. Peter Pangert
Oliver Peschke
Stephan Rössel
Oliver Rudolph
Jeffrey Schmidt
Christian Schmitz
Daniel Schwerfeld
Patrick Simon
Andreas Simonsen
Luca Stolz
Alfred Wolfsgruber
Ruben Zeltner


Emin Akata
Valentin Andreae
Fredy Barth
Albert (Bert) Fehr
Oliver Boyke
Fredrik Göpert
Sven Hägele
Reza Khorasantchi
Wolfgang Laffien: Coach
Oliver Martini: Coach
Jochen Mass: Coach Classic Cars
Dieter Romeyke
Thomas Schmid
Claudia Tegge
Klaus Weigner

Safety Team

Horst Diederich
Willibert Daniels
Thomas Hennrichs
Hans-P. Hoffmann
Stefan Haubrichs


Wolfgang Zwingel
Patick Simo
H.G. Müller
Reinhold Renger
Ossi Kragl
Andreas Oel
Valentin Treu
Heinz-Dieter Wetteborn
Hardy Elis
Walter Wilbert
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Welcome to Scuderia Hanseat

We wish you lots of fun while visiting our homepage and are looking forward to your registration for our course.
Be welcomed at the Nürburgring, whether as a first time participant or as a repeater.