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Definitely more driving pleasure is the motto of our sports driver courses,
which we have been holding every May and September at the Nürburgring since 1958.
More than 60 years of experience characterize our courses!


Control of the car, improve driving style, maximum safety

Our focus is on mastering the vehicle with a maximum of safety.  We strive to improve the driving style of our participants, so that they also gain in safety in road traffic.

To achieve this, our participants are supported by a team of over 70 persons. As instructors they are looked after by the "who is who" of touring car and GT sports, peppered with world champions, European champions, DTM champions, 24h winners, etc.

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Nordschleife and GP-Track 3 days exklusively

For our courses we have the GP track and the legendary Norschleife exclusively at our disposal, continuously from 08:00 in the morning until 19:30 in the evening.

For our first-time participants, we also have exclusive use of a safety driving centre on the welcome day for the time slot we have booked.

We are therefore the sole course at the Nürburgring to which the entire race track is exclusively available to such an extent.

Driving pleasure and personal limits

Driving pleasure and the sociability in the multinational sports driver circle are the focus of the course. Two thirds of our participants are enthusiastic repeaters!

Our course is suitable for all those who like to drive safely and with pleasure. Because it is good to know where the personal limits as well as those of the car are. We cordially invite you to optimise your skills in handling your car in a unique environment.

Welcome to Scuderia Hanseat

We wish you lots of fun while visiting our homepage and are looking forward to your registration for our course.
Be welcomed at the Nürburgring, whether as a first time participant or as a repeater.