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We have been training at the Nürburgring since 1958. Today, the legendary Nordschleife and the attractive Grand Prix circuit, with their maximum standard of safety equipment, provide maximum safety for the course participants and absolute driving enjoyment with their gradients and countless curves. The participants practice in their own vehicles.

Helmut Rathjen

Together with Günther Isenriegel and Victor Humer, Helmut Rathjen developed the idea for a course at the Nürburgring in 1958 which is still unique to this day. Both the team and the participants on the courses are still enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.

This is probably why Helmut Rathjen was involved in everything until his death in 2010. It wasn’t just a job. This school and this work was his life.


Scuderia Hanseat created Europe’s first sports driver courses in 1958. At that time, we were a small group of friends consisting of successful racing and rally drivers who wanted to pass on their experiences to sports drivers. At the time, “sports driver” was an expression for fairness and tolerance in sport and exemplary behaviour on the road. We were joined by like-minded friends with whom we were subsequently able to successfully continue our philosophy.

You can download an article from the “Motor Klassik” magazine about our 30th anniversary in 1988 as a PDF document (281 kB).

Scuderia Hanseat 1988


Today, Scuderia Hanseat is recognized far beyond national borders as a leading provider of courses for demanding drivers. Our concept has been copied many times and has also been adopted by many car manufacturers. The Scuderia Hanseat courses are highly respected for their quality in the German motor sport scene, and have been recognized by the DMSB (Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e.V.) for the training of racing drivers.


We are supported at the Nürburgring by our pool of employees consisting of instructors, coaches and the safety team, which is made up of successful racing and rally drivers. Former participants who qualified by means of their excellent skills and also well-known professional instructors are now also members of the team.

Gudrun Pauli

After working for the company for many years and supporting and helping her father, Ms. Pauli took over the management from her father, Helmut Rathjen, in 2010.

She managed the company during the period when the courses were no longer as self-sustaining as they had been in previous decades because of serious changes in the Nürburgring management.

She came through this phase by means of commitment and balance, even though it was made very difficult for her by her treacherous illness.

Ms. Gudrun Pauli died in January 2013.


Two thirds of our participants on every course are enthusiastic repeaters, and we, the entire staff and the participants, have grown into a big, spiritual family. We all share a passion for car racing and fast, safe driving. More than half of our participants come from abroad. Many long-lasting international friendships have formed here during our courses.

Scuderia Hanseat 2023


Restart of the training courses…

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