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Registration and entry

The participant can make a binding application to conclude the contract for participating in the sports driver course via the online registration which is provided on the Scuderia website. The participant can also download a registration form, fill in the registration details and send it to Scuderia by fax or scanned in by email.

The participant is hereby making a binding application to take part in the selected sports driver course and any additional course. By submitting and transmitting the application, the participant declares that all of our contractual conditions (General Participation and Business Terms and Conditions) have been accepted and thereby incorporated in the application. Confirmation of receipt of the participant’s registration (registration confirmation) does not constitute acceptance of the participant’s application by Scuderia.

Scuderia can accept the application which it has received within five calendar days by sending an order confirmation. The course contract then becomes binding. Otherwise the application shall be regarded as having been rejected.


On the basis of your selections in your registration, you will receive an invoice from us for the reservation fee or the entire course fee, which is payable by the specified payment deadline. Our bank details can be found further down on this page.

The reservation fee is included in the course fee. If you have registered with the “pre-registration fee” option, you will receive an invoice for the remainder approximately one month before the course starts. We would be grateful if you would settle this invoice by the specified payment deadline. This will help us to complete the registration at the Nürburgring without taking up a great deal of time, which is also beneficial for you.

We trust that you will understand that we cannot accept credit card or cheque payments for organizational reasons.

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