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Racing Licence

Nürburgring International Sports Driver Training Course

Our priority is controlling the vehicle as safely as possible. We endeavour to improve the driving style of our participants so that they also drive more safely in road traffic.

In order to achieve this, our participants are looked after by a team of more than 70 people. They are supported by the “who’s who” of touring car and GT racing, with a sprinkling of world champions, European champions, DTM champions, 24-hour winners etc. as instructors. 

A separate license course can also be booked for our course. The following licensing courses are available:

  • National license level A from the German Motor Sport Association e. V. (DMSB)
  • Nordschleife permit of the German Motor Sport Bund e. v. (German Motor Sport Association)
  • Individual qualification for the national Swiss license

Information for the license courses:

Applying for one of these licenses requires uninterrupted participation in our sports driver course as well as successful participation in the respective theory lessons. You can only take part in one of the three license courses mentioned per course, because the theory units take place at the same time.

Racing Licence - Scuderia Hanseat
Racing Licence - Scuderia Hanseat

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